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I might be an introvert to you; a shallow fashionista...

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Sci-Fi Pie
12 June 1984
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Anna. 28.

Wannabe Viennese;
Editor of the as-of-yet non-existant concept periodical The Weimar Republic;
Writer of the lifelong project The Adventures of Edwin Northanger.

I was an expat so long that I feel a bit like an expat in my own country now.


I went friends-only in Jan 2006. This does not mean I don't want to add new people however! Don't fear! It was a move to protect me from a few. And chances are, you're not one of those few. So go ahead and join me, we might get on.

I won't un-add people for not commenting. I don't force people share their opinions on my life. Please in return don't expect me to comment all the time on everything you write. I will read (after 11 years of LJ, it's still always the first thing I check when I go online!), but I may not always have an opinion to share and no one can make me have one!

I love reading all sorts. :)


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